Greatest hits

In westbound oil trains, worries focus on the next big spill

Published in The Oregonian, May 8, 2018

Below the border, tensions build over ‘threatened’ Canada lynx

Published in the Globe and Mail on May 11, 2018

At Columbia River’s doorstep, an uneasy lookout for invasive mussels

Published on Page A1 of The Oregonian on February 12, 2018

Tijuana: A new bus line’s rough ride

Article about the challenges facing public transportation reform in Tijuana. Centerpiece of a larger project, Tijuana Changes Lanes, funded by the Pultizer Center on Crisis Reporting.

The Election of the Middle East

My report on the run-up to Turkey’s pivotal June 2015 parliamentary election

Governor Russell Peterson: Loyal to Future Generations

Winner of the 2012 Profile in Courage Essay Contest sponsored by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum